About us

Navabharath Central School

Navabarath Central School is situated half way between Calicut university campus and Calicut air port. With great pleasure it may be acknowledged that the school rose to great reputation within a short span of time.Navabharath Group Of Institutions are managed by theintelligentsia educational trust, a cluster of few educationalists.The school caters to the educational aspirations of thousands of families in the vicinity.Providing quality education to the rural areas, educational uplift of the backward classes, channelizing the latent talents of students towards achieving higher abilities, promoting national integration, upholding secularist tradition and inculcating good values in students are some of the areas which we give due weightage. OUR MOTTO >> From Darkness To Light OUR AIM 1.Provide education in the purest form, not twisted or tilted as per the whims or fancies of hidden dogmas. 2.To add up all the desirable ingredients for the better development of the individual. 3.Promote national integration and nurture secular perspective among students. 4.Comprehensive learning system helping to achieve self realization. 5.Inculcate the habit of rationalistic and scientific aptitude. 6.We nourish our students to flourish with all good qualities and at the same time try to skillfully weed out the undesirable attitudes in the budding stage itself. 7.Provide an atmosphere of higher ethical and academic standard, in terms of teachers, peer groups, management, parent and student bodies.

Our Mission

The institution adopts, as its goal, the best from our rich and varied heritage and inculcates it into the curriculum, to bring about all round development of the students. The school endeavors to bring about a harmonious blend between the traditional and progressive method of education. One of the aims of the school is to inspire creativity amongst students, by encouraging them to discover their innate talents and aptitudes.

Our Vision

The School provides a congenial atmosphere for fostering the intellectual, social and spiritual potentialities of each student. They are trained to aim high, strive hard and achieve excellence.